The Times feature the 2023 Nanny State Index

28 August 2023

In The Times’ article discussing recent polling which indicates that one in three British voters would support a ban on gambling, findings from the 2023 Nanny State Index were featured. The article outlined how the British public were generally in favour of stricter controls and regulations to tackle gambling, obesity, alcohol intake, diet, and exercise. To read the article, click here.

Christopher Snowdon discusses the 2023 Nanny State Index on Brussels Report

28 July 2023

Appearing on the ‘The Brussels Report Podcast’, IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics, Christopher Snowdon, discussed the main conclusions from the 2023 Nanny State Index. To listen to the full episode, please click here.

The 2023 Nanny State Index showcased in the Telegraph

22 July 2023

In a Telegraph article delving into popular narratives surrounding ‘greedflation’, the 2023 Nanny State Index was referenced to dispel the belief that top-down, state-intervention measures in product markets provides the best remedy for high consumer prices. Click here to read the full article.

The Times’ ‘Ask the experts’ column features the 2023 Nanny State Index

19 July 2023

In the Times’ ‘Ask the experts’ column, an article titled “What you can and can’t do in Europe’s most (and least) nanny-state countries’ unpacked the main findings from the 2023 Nanny State Index. The article explored how paternalist measures have turned out in practice through a series of interviews with individuals across Europe. To read the article, click here.

Adam Bartha comments in Expresso

06 July 2023

In his recent comments for Expresso, Adam Bartha, Director of EPICENTER, highlighted the EU’s foolishness trying to compromise with Viktor Orban’s government, despite its blackmailing attempts. While Hungary may be able to temporary block further financial support to Ukraine or protect Russia from the next round of sanctions, Orban’s government is ultimately in a weak position. Instead, EU officials should look at institutional reforms that minimise the redistribute nature of the EU and maximise the benefits of the Single Market. To read the full piece in Portuguese, click here.

Lithuania’s ‘15min’ showcases the 2023 Nanny State Index

16 June 2023

The Lithuanian news outlet ’15min’ published an article discussing the findings from the 2023 Nanny State Index concerning Europe as a whole. The article explores how Lithuania’s shift toward increased state paternalism in the lifestyle sector is in-line with a broader trend across European countries. To read the article in Lithuanian, click here.


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