Podcast with our Director about the sixth round of sanctions on Russia

2 June 2022

The Consumer Choice Center recently welcomed our Director, Adam Bartha, to discuss the sixth round of economic sanctions on Russia. The discussion revolved around Hungary’s role in delaying the sanctions, addressing the (dis)unity of European foreign policy and the role of the EU in pursuing foreign policy objectives. Click here to listen to the full conversation.

Expresso interview with Adam Bartha on EU energy policy

25 March 2022

While the US has made promises to supply more natural gas to Europe, questions have been raised regarding the US’s long-term capacity for such an arrangement. Despite searching for alternatives to Russian energy supplies, the energy crisis is already well underway. All options from fracking to nuclear power should be on the table going forward. Read the full article in Portuguese in Expresso

Brussels Report fetures LFMI’s brief on DMA

14 March 2022

The LFMI’s recent brief entitled “Digital Market Act: Competition, Private Property, Innovation and the Interests of the Users’’ covers all of the complex issues brought about by this new proposed legislation. In drafting this act, the realities of innovation in technology are forgotten and political discourse instead takes the focus. Several key misunderstandings set out to hurt both consumers and businesses. Read the full article in Brussels Report

LibreMercado Interview with Adam Bartha

9 March 2022

Discussing Irene Montero’s recent large spending plan to accommodate inequality in Spain, Adam Bartha weighs in on solutions. Bartha affirms that empty political taglines and more large fiscal plans do not lead to real equality driven policy. Instead, real feminist policy originates from freer market conditions. Read the full article in Spanish in Libre Mercado.

Expresso interview with Adam Bartha on Ukraine

28 February 2022

Adam Bartha discusses the evolving Ukraine invasion and Russian sanctions. Bartha covers the potential effects on Russian leadership, what a Post – Putin Russia might constitute and steps that EU leaders should take to achieve an ideal outcome in Ukraine. Read the full article in Portuguese in Expresso.

DMA and its security shortfalls

10 February 2022

European legislators venture to tackle big tech with the new Digital Markets Act provision. The European Parliament’s diversion from the original text on interoperability raises many issues. The potential detrimental changes to digital security for consumers are alarming.  Read the full article by Mikolaj Barczentewicz in New Europe.


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