February 25, 2022

When Market Failure Attracts Rent-seekers

Market failures are not simply outcomes you do not like. They are institutional inefficiencies such as externalities (where a proportion of the cost or benefit of an activity is incurred by someone other than the person engaged in it).
October 14, 2021

Raising Barriers

The voting patterns of political parties in the national parliaments of Greece, Italy and Spain, and of their members of the European Parliament, show certain similarities, including a tendency for parties in government to support free trade agreements and those in opposition to resist them, whatever their political orientation.
June 7, 2018

Why the EU Needs the City Too

The UK might appear to have the most to lose from Brexit if City firms find it harder to sell financial services into the EU. But London has actually consolidated its position as the world’s leading financial centre since the vote to leave, helped by strong signals that the UK at least will keep its markets open. The EU should follow this lead.