economic migrants

June 22, 2018

Labour Migration and Employment Flexibility

Economic migrants rarely displace local labour force. Immigrants are more likely to complement existing labour force creating opportunities for growth and bringing needed skills. Foreign workers reduce imbalances in local economies by filling in the demand for workers that a local economy cannot provide or by taking up jobs that local workers do want to pursue.
January 14, 2016

The Challenges of Economic Integration Facing Migrants and Germany

The New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne have increased the pressure on Angela Merkel and are driving public debates on the importance of successfully integrating the refugees and migrants into German society and economy.
November 24, 2015

The EU’s Migration Fund Is Likely to Prove Ineffective

On November 12 at the Valletta Summit on Migration, the focus briefly shifted away from the Syrian refugee crisis and back to the high-risk Mediterranean migration route from the coast of Tunisia to Greece and Italy traveled by thousands Africans earlier this year.
November 23, 2015

The Mariel Boatlift and the Economic Impact of Refugees

Those of you familiar with the 1983 cult classic Scarface by Brian de Palma will remember that it begins with real footage from the Mariel boatlift, during which 125,000 Cuban migrants arrived in Miami in the span of six months, between April and October 1980.