Crónica Global covers our paper publication on Catalonia’s independence

1 February 2021

The article summarises the main points of EPICENTER’s and Civismo’s analysis on the economic costs of a hypothetical independence of Catalonia. Read the full Spanish article here.

New Europe covers our IBL new report on obesity and overweight in OECD countries

28 January 2021

The new IBL report shows that existing international comparisons measuring obesity are flawed as a result of inaccurate data being compiled on a national level. Such distortion of statistics leads to significant problems in policy making. Read the full article here.

Adam Bartha discusses the rule of law in Europe for the ConsEUmer Podcast

24 December 2020

On the ConsEUmer Podcast Adam Bartha discusses the rule of law situation across Europe and the European Commissions new mechanism to combat illiberal democracies. Listen to the full podcast here.

Mark Tatala discusses the decline of the rule of law in Poland for New Europe

27 November 2020

Poland’s Law and Justice Party vetoed a resolution supporting linking EU funding to the rule of law. This makes a lot of sense given the concept has now all but gone in Poland, as Mark Tatala argues in New Europe. Read the full article here.

Syed Kamall writes for New Europe on what Biden’s victory means for global trade

13 November 2020

As President, Donald Trump was a disruptive force shown through the withdrawal from the TPP and ending of NAFTA. Joe Biden premiership, Syed Kamall argues, signals an improvement in international relations and an easing of protectionism. Read the full article in New Europe here.

For Libre Mercado, Adam Bartha argues that Spain is a bad example to follow

5 November 2020

Adam Bartha argues that the Spanish approach to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic is the wrong one to follow. The emphasis should be on economic deregulation to speed up the growth after the pandemic, not on tax hikes and government overregulation. Read the full interview in Spanish here.


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