cost of living crisis

July 19, 2023


The last three years have brought many old ghosts to Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest health crisis since the Spanish flu, wars have erupted again on European soil after decades of peace, and inflation, a long-gone foe for the bureaucrats in the European Central Bank, has struck again.
September 28, 2022

Denmark Can’t Solve Its Cost-of-living Crisis With Free Cheques

In all likelihood, the Danes will have a general election within a month. Campaigning among the Danish politicians has been ongoing for months, although the election hasn’t been officially announced by the incumbent Social Democratic PM Mette Frederiksen.
September 14, 2022

Why Demand-side Support Trumps Energy Price Caps

Imagine you buy 10 cans of beer every week, at a price of €2.50 each. Due to a shortage of hops, the price of a can of beer now soars to €5 per can. This means that if you carried on drinking 10 cans of beer per week, your total beer budget would have to rise from €25 to €50.