October 1, 2014

Too Late for France? Finding and Restoring the Proper Size of the Modern State

We are living in exciting times, with a whole series of beliefs and certainties being called deeply into question. With a never-ending crisis upon us, many economists admit they feel perplexed as they face a situation they have trouble explaining and remedies that are proving ineffective.
May 1, 2014

Economic Freedom in the Eu: Mediocre Today – World Leader Tomorrow?

Five years since the outbreak of the most severe economic crisis of our time, there is widespread consensus that today’s levels of unemployment, exclusion, deficit, and debt are unsustainable and need to be addressed.
September 1, 2009

The ‘Google Affair’ and the Future of the Internet

Can the supply of material on the web be regulated? How to take action on content considered offensive? But above all, where does responsibility lie? Does it lie with the creator of the content, or with the infrastructure through which it flows?