September 1, 2014

The New Equality: Global Development From Robin Hood to Botswana

In the mid-1700s Europe and North America broke with thousands of years of economic stagnation. When power was spread around in society, countries began to experience sustained growth. It was also the birth of global income inequality, which continued to grow for about two centuries.
May 1, 2014

A Human Challenge: Environment, Growth and the Future of Our Planet

Economic growth is not necessarily bad for the environment. On the contrary, a richer world is in many ways a prerequisite for a greener existence. But it is crucial to understand how the market economy can help us release our creativity and learn from our mistakes. It helps us adapt and fix environmental problems.
November 1, 2012

Barriers to Prosperity – Developing Countries and the Need for Trade Liberalisation

Non-tariff barriers are an important impediment to trade for less developed countries. They need to be brought to the forefront of the trade debate if developing countries are to move into the export of higher value added products.