August 23, 2023

Profit-driven Sustainability: the Market Forces Behind Esg Compliance

Politicians often forget that it is profit that drives firms in a society built upon the tangible benefits of capitalism, and that it is the pursuit of profit that will lead companies to adopt sustainable environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) practices.
August 4, 2023

The European Green Deal is Not About the Environment

The Italian minister of economic affairs, Giancarlo Giorgetti, has warned that radicalisation of environmental policies could result in a political “crisis of rejection” of their goals. These concerns are all but misguided.
January 27, 2023

The EU’s Hydrogen Ambitions: a New Gold Fever

As European economies aim to lessen their dependence on Russia, while also keeping with plans to reach carbon emission neutrality by 2050, EU member states need to find feasible ways to lessen their reliance on fossil fuels.