Liberal features our recent article on vaccine passports

7 April 2021

Overall, the best way of maximising freedom and helping to restart international travel in a way that does not damage public health is through a vaccine passport. Although the passports should be abandoned when the threat of COVID-19 is mitigated, in the short-run this presents an effective mechanism for allowing freedom of movement to return – and supporting industries reliant on tourism. Read the full article in Greek here.

Liberal features our recent article on EU-China relations

2 March 2021

There is scepticism towards the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement’s effective capacity to truly level the playing field diplomatically. Critics have pointed out that while the deal includes measures for state-to-state dispute settlement, it fails to specify investor protection mechanisms in the face of litigation disputes which could leave EU investors in precarious situations. Read the full Greek article here.

Milano Post presents the Index of Liberalisation 2020

16 February 2021

Milano Post presents the main points of the new Index of Liberalisation, with the UK holding the first position and Italy the sixth position. Carlo Stagnaro also provides some comments, notably on the pandemic’s impacts on the future of liberalisation. Read the article in Italian here.

La Repubblica covers Italy’s high position in the Index of Liberalisation 2020

15 February 2021

La Repubblica shows that Italy is among the most liberalised countries of Europe by referring to the Index of Liberalisation 2020. The article also presents the main points of the report by IBL and Epicenter. Read the full article in Italian here.

EPICENTER research used in El Mundo

1 February 2021

Public debt could soar to as much as 126% of GDP should Catalonia leave the EU and Spain. Research conducted by Civismo & EPICENTER revealing the costs of independence is featured in El Mundo. Read the article in Spanish here.

El Liberal presents EPICENTER’s report on the costs of Catalonia’s independence

1 February 2021

The article summarises the main points of EPICENTER’s analysis on the economic costs of a hypothetical independence of Catalonia. Read the article in Spanish here.


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