July 19, 2023


The last three years have brought many old ghosts to Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest health crisis since the Spanish flu, wars have erupted again on European soil after decades of peace, and inflation, a long-gone foe for the bureaucrats in the European Central Bank, has struck again.
June 29, 2023

Trapped by Taxation: How Inheritance Tax Impedes Economic Mobility

Equality of opportunity is a key foundational principle of liberalism. The most widely accepted definition of equality of opportunity among liberals is the absence of systematic barriers, such as legal discrimination, which hinder individuals from achieving their life goals.
June 27, 2023

Ticking Time Bomb: the Impending Collapse of the Pension System

Charles Ponzi became famous in the 1920s for running a $20 million fraud, whereby clients would be promised succulent profit margins from a risk-free investment that later turned out to be paid by the investments of later victims who fell in the con artist’s trap.