April 26, 2021

Towards a New Fiscal Policy

In February, the Bank of Spain published its statistics on the Spanish public debt, indicating that state liabilities reached 117.08% of GDP at the end of 2020. In the beginning of January, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, announced that Spain ended 2020 with a deficit of 11.3% of GDP.
April 14, 2021

From FTAs to MRAs: the Potential Pathway Forward for the EU and US

The United States lacks a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) with the EU, and the failed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations during the Obama-era proved that there are significant barriers to achieving one.
April 8, 2021

COVID Vs the Environment: the Kuznets Curve in Action?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns reduced global CO2 emissions by 7 percent last year. Some environmentalists, such as the University College London professor Mariana Mazzucato, have thus wondered about the feasibility of future “climate lockdowns […] to tackle a climate emergency.”