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June 5, 2023

Did Lockdowns Work? The Verdict On Covid Restrictions

The purpose of this systematic review and meta-analysis is to determine the effect of lockdowns, also referred to as ‘Covid restrictions’, ‘social distancing measures’ etc., on COVID-19 mortality based on available empirical evidence.
January 27, 2021

Obesity And Overweight In Italy And The OECD Area

The way obesity is measured throughout the EU and OECD countries is significantly flawed. This paper shows that existing international comparisons measuring obesity are flawed as a result of inaccurate data being compiled on a national level.
November 17, 2020

The East German Healthcare Phenomenon

The reunification of West Germany and East Germany took place 30 years ago, ending a period of around 45 years during which Germany had been divided. Following reunification, extensive investments were made in the eastern part of the country in order to even out differences in infrastructure, industrial development and access to education and healthcare.