London’s Global Reach and the Half a Trillion Dollars Equity Prize

5 February 2018

As the world’s leading international financial centre, London faces fascinating opportunities as well as some significant challenges in coming years. This is as a result of Brexit, increased international competition from other global financial centres, such as New York, and the changing face of finance itself.
London has much to be positive about but it must not be complacent. UK policy makers need to remain on the front foot, vigilant and adaptive. The City should continue to take a proactive approach to maintain its position as the world’s number one financial centre.
Economic and financial change looks set to intensify further, driven by a host of factors linked to globalisation, rapid advances in technology, increased innovation and by policy and regulatory actions.If the UK is to play a leading role in the global equity market village, it needs to continue to build on its approach of being an international index as this is the nexus for a wider wealth creating eco-system that a post Brexit UK should be seeking.
A key message is the City needs to play to its strengths but be prepared to adapt and change. To retain its premier status, its attitude to listing of firms needs to be an illustration of that future adaptability.

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