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Cécile Philippe is the Founder and President of Institut économique Molinari, EPICENTER’s French member think tank. Cecile is an author and regular contributor to several French and English language newspapers. Her first book titled ‘C’est trop tard pour la terre’ (It’s too late for the Earth) deals with environmental matters and seeks to put an end to various myths, including the notion that regulation and taxation go hand in hand with environmental improvement. Her second book, titled ‘Trop tard pour la France? Osons remettre l’État à sa place’ (Too late for France? Let us dare to put the state back in its place) deals with the financial crisis and the role the state plays in our lives. Cécile is a regular guest on several TV and radio shows, including BFM, RFI, France 3 and LCI.

Cecile holds a doctorate in economics from Paris-IX Dauphine University and a Diploma in Advanced Studies in business management in developing countries.