Expresso interview Adam Bartha on the Budapest Model adopted by Poland

13 July 2020

Andrzej Duda victory in the Polish elections signals a further decline of the rule of law in Poland. For Expresso, Adam Bartha argues that the Budapest model is being adopted in Poland. Read the full article in Portuguese.

Adam Bartha discusses the rise of authoritarianism in Hungary

Hungary’s dissent into autocracy represents a crisis of the European Union. Members of the European Parliament should be more careful not to support the regime or provide a shield for it through the European People’s Party. Read Adam Bartha’s article in New Europe.

Adam Bartha interviewed for Libertania on Brexit, the EU and COVID-19

7 May 2020

Adam Bartha is interviewed by Libertania on the Brexit process, the path that the EU is taking, and the pandemic. Read the full interview in Macedonian here.

Klaus Ulrich writes for Liberal about why price controls don’t work in a pandemic

27 April 2020

Calls for price controls to help prevent Covid related price shocks do not make sense. For Liberal, Klaus Ulrich shows that if anti price gouging legislation is passed, it would only result in shortages. Read the full article in Greek here.

Adam Bartha talks to Mike Graham on TalkRadio on Hungarian populism

6 April 2020

Adam Bartha talks to Mike Graham on TalkRadio on Hungarian populism. Listen the the whole conversation here.

Adam Bartha writes about springtime for Orban in 1828

3 April 2020

Adam Bartha describes the descent into autocracy in Hungary. Under the illusion of an emergency, tyrannical powers have been passed that provide the Prime Minister dictatorial powers.

Read the article in English on 1828, in German here, in French here, in Spanish here, in Italian here, in Polish here, in Lithuanian here and in Swedish here.


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