Adam Bartha talks to Mike Graham on TalkRadio on Hungarian populism

6 April 2020

Adam Bartha talks to Mike Graham on TalkRadio on Hungarian populism. Listen the the whole conversation here.

Adam Bartha writes about springtime for Orban in 1828

3 April 2020

Adam Bartha describes the descent into autocracy in Hungary. Under the illusion of an emergency, tyrannical powers have been passed that provide the Prime Minister dictatorial powers.

Read the article in English on 1828, in German here, in French here, in Spanish here, in Italian here, in Polish here, in Lithuanian here and in Swedish here.

Adam Bartha warns about Hungary’s descent into totalitarianism in EU Reporter

30 March 2020

In EU Reporter Adam Bartha warns about a bill passed in Hungary seeking to suspend the Parliament indefinitely establishing rule by decree. He argues that we must be cautious of inappropriate uses of emergency powers during COVID-19 and not allow autocrats to tighten their grip on power.

Read the full article here.

Zine-Eddine Aklil comments on European merger policy for Liberal

27 March 2020

Does the lack of European Champions show that the EU merger policy is too strict? Zine-Eddine Aklil answers no. Rather, the EU should look to adopt behavioural remedies like the US to create its new superpowers.

Read the full article in Greek here.

Adam Bartha writes on the EU-Turkey relation during the immigration crisis

23 March 2020

Turkey has taken the brunt of the refugee crisis taking in 3.6 Million refugees. Adam Bartha argues for 1828 that the EU should do more to assist Turkey by creating a new deal on migration.

Read the full 1828 article here.

Otto Brons-Petersen writes for Liberal on the threat of a populist EU

18 March 2020

The rising popularity of populism across Europe should not be met with a more populist EU. It is also a common misconception that populist tendencies in Europe call for more redistribution and protectionism.

Read the full article in Greek on Liberal.


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