EPICENTER briefing covered by Mace Magazine

29 June 2021

The European Commission claims that the Digital Services Act (DSA) will deliver much-needed harmonisation and clarity of regulation. In fact, it introduces new risks and costs on businesses without adequate justification. If the European Commission aims to improve the competitiveness of Europe’s digital economy and to safeguard the interests of European consumers, its proposals must be significantly amended. Read the full article here.

Brussels Report covers our briefing on ECB

16 June 2021

The ECB’s accounts have become the waste-bin for the financial garbage of the entire Eurozone. In this zero-sum game, there are winners and losers. At the moment, Northern European countries, Germany in particular, are losing. Looking at the legal structure of the new “Next Generation EU” scheme it becomes apparent that the “Eurobonds” that are about to be issued will be ultimately guaranteed by EU Member States, in proportion to the amounts they are about to receive. Read the full article here.

New Europe features our briefing on DMA

10 June 2021

A transatlantic tech partnership would spur collaborations between governments and companies to rebalance the rising Chinese tech industry. With optimal innovation policies, Chinese state-sponsored and state-affiliated tech companies may be held in check. We need a transatlantic tech partnership. Today, the EU proposal is not credible, even more so with the DMA. Read the full article by the author of our briefing on DMA here.

Mace Magazine features IEM’s article on EU Covid strategy

13 May 2021

It yet remains to be seen if the vaccine will deliver the promise of a return to normal life, with no new waves of infections. European policymakers should consider adapting a zero Covid strategy to help their economies and enable more social freedoms. IEM’s Director, Cecile Philippe, writes for Mace Magazine. Read the full article here.

Liberal features our recent article on vaccine passports

7 April 2021

Overall, the best way of maximising freedom and helping to restart international travel in a way that does not damage public health is through a vaccine passport. Although the passports should be abandoned when the threat of COVID-19 is mitigated, in the short-run this presents an effective mechanism for allowing freedom of movement to return – and supporting industries reliant on tourism. Read the full article in Greek here.

Liberal features our recent article on EU-China relations

2 March 2021

There is scepticism towards the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement’s effective capacity to truly level the playing field diplomatically. Critics have pointed out that while the deal includes measures for state-to-state dispute settlement, it fails to specify investor protection mechanisms in the face of litigation disputes which could leave EU investors in precarious situations. Read the full Greek article here.


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