EURACTIV use EPICENTER research showing Estonia has the best taxation in the EU

15 October 2020

EURACTIV features the latest International Tax Competitiveness Index. The article outlines that Estonia has the most competitive tax system globally. This is highlighted by 20% taxes on corporate & individual income, as well as a land value tax. Read the full article here.

Italy has least competitive tax regime in EU

14 October 2020

The International Tax Competitiveness  found that Italy has the worst tax regime in the whole of Europe. Anse Politics feature the report describing the significant regulatory burdens affecting Italian businesses. Read the Italian article here.

Rising populism signals declining economic freedom argues Dorottya Tornai for Liberal

21 September 2020

Dorottya Tornai analyses the link between the rise in populism and the decline in economic freedom. She argues that this signals caution to those countries considering populistic policies. Read the full article in Greek here.

The Commission’s ignorance on the rule of law; a victory for authoritarians says Adam Bartha for New Europe

18 September 2020

In her state of the union address there is a convenient lack of substance on the rule of law from Von der Leyen. EU institutions must stop tacitly endorsing authoritarians and take a stronger stance against the decline of the rule of law in Hungary and Poland. Read the full article by Adam Bartha in New Europe here.

EU Reporter feature new paper on China by Stephen Davies and Syed Kamall

6 August 2020

Fears of a new cold war with China are growing day by day. A new foreign policy is needed in Europe to prevent a despotic state from extending their power. Steve Davies and Syed Kamall offer their solutions in a new paper featured by EUReporter.

Ombeline Lemarchal writes for Liberal about Food Security after COVID-19

28 July 2020

The CAP is an ineffective tool to address the true problems agriculture is facing amidst the pandemic. For Liberal, Ombeline Lemarchal argues that the EU Farm to Fork strategy should be extended to properly adapt food production in the EU to the 21st century. Read the full Greek article here.


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