Greek think tank KEFiM joins EPICENTER

EPICENTER // 2 July 2018

EPICENTER is proud to announce that KEFiM, one of the fastest growing and most respected liberal, free market think tanks of Europe joined our network today. EPICENTER, the network of nine leading economic research think tanks, will continue its work advocating free market reforms throughout the EU.

Alexander Skouras, President of KEFiM commented: “Joining EPICENTER is a proud moment for our organisation. We are looking forward to bringing our experiences from the Greek crisis to Brussels and joining our fellow members in the important task of enriching EU policy debates and defending the vision of a free and prosperous Europe.”

Adam Bartha, Director of EPICENTER said: “This is a unique moment for reformers in Greece to showcase the readiness of their ideas on the European stage. KEFiM has been tirelessly working to provide the policy makers and the Greek citizens with the economic reform ideas that can lead to a prosperous Greek society that contributes to the richness of Europe. I’m delighted to welcome KEFiM to our network and look forward to their contributions in making Europe a freer and better place for all.”

EPICENTER publications and contributions from our member think tanks are designed to promote the discussion of economic issues and the role of markets in solving economic and social problems. As with all EPICENTER publications, the views expressed here are those of the author and not EPICENTER or its member think tanks (which have no corporate view).


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